Catchafire is a social venture based in New York City. The company charges social organizations a small percentage of the market value of the donated pro bono services they arrange, and in exchange, employs program managers to keep projects within scope and on-track. Charging a nominal fee for work also requires nonprofit clients to consider their listings more carefully.

Catchafire helps nonprofits create Project Templates and mini-RFPs to help the client identify and properly scope their needs.This is a shift from the volunteering platforms that list seemingly endless number of less structured opportunities (think eHarmony’s matching of dating profiles vs. Craigslist’s unstructured list of links). By carefully defining the scope and time commitment, Catchafire stands a better chance of attracting working professionals. This model is based on hundreds of interviews with nonprofits and working professionals.

Catchafire’s project menu illustrates the impressive range of professional skills their volunteers can provide as aid:

Accounting and FinanceBookkeepingFinancial modeling

Investment Advice

Microsoft Excel Training


Art and Illustration

Brochure Graphic Design


Letterhead & Business Card



Donor Relations Strategy

Fundraising Plan Review


Grant Proposal BudgetHuman ResourcesHR Systems

HR Talent Plan

Leadership and Culture

Culture Coaching

Leadership Coaching


Annual report writing

Brand messaging

Branding Tune Up



1-3 minute video (editing only)

1-3 minute video (filming & editing)

Motion graphics video

Photo essayPublic Relations & CommunicationsCommunications Materials Review

Communications Plan

Event Planning

Press Kit & Distribution

Social Media

Social media campaign and execution

Social media starter plan


Board structure strategy

Business plan development


Google Office Suite (Google Apps) Setup

Salesforce Database Customization

The organization’s most requested roles are public relations, marketing, social media, and design (including web design).