1221The design consultants at IDEO and the city of San Francisco have developed SF72, a social app designed to “redefine preparedness”. The app helps citizens collectively inventory their crisis response materials and skills within their existing social networks. The goal is to connect people in need to existing resources in natural ways that leverage (but also respect) the trust inherent in social networks, adopting lessons in flexibility from the sharing economy, rather than focus on convincing citizens to stockpile supplies. In this way, the effort helps citizens ‘pull’ in time of need rather than rely on typically underprepared ‘push’ resources:

“Pull allows each of us to find and access people and resources when we need them, while attracting to us the people and resources that are relevant and valuable, even if we were not even aware before that they existed.”

                                 John Hagel III and John Seely Brown

This project is exceptionally clever because it engages the population directly to shift crisis preparation further down the ‘microwork’ end of the axis.

Figure 3.2: Placing SF72 in the Participatory Aid Framework